Welcome to our Bag Stack store.

Bag Stack grew from a need to be useful, reusable, adaptable and to replace the outdated single use plastic bag. We were inspired to increase the Stack range with beeswax food wraps, organic cotton produce bags, market tote bags, hemp napkins, tea towels and coming soon our hemp twine dish scrubs.

In the beginning we started with a polypropylene Bag Stack but quickly realised that, even though it was reusable, it was still a version of plastic and that was enough to quickly bring it to a halt!

We had a desire to use a more eco-friendly, sustainable fibres and after searching for alternatives we found HEMP to be the most obvious choice. Hemp is a naturally strong, breathable, durable fibre as well as 100% compostable.

Nothing is wasted in the Hemp fibre production process. Requiring no pesticides and little water, Hemp is incredibly versatile and regenerative.

The Bag Stack and Eco Tote Bags are made with 100% hemp. We use a combination of raw hemp and organic cotton for the rest of our stack range and our V Bag Stack – reusable produce bags are made of GOTS certified organic cotton.

We have come from a place just like you and have grown up with all the plastic accompaniments that have littered our lives but now it’s time to change. Making small changes can make a BIG impact on our environment.


If you think the STACK range is a perfect fit for your store? We’d love to hear from you!

email: info@bagstack.com.au