STACK STICKS – organic fire starters.  Made in small batches from the discarded edges of our raw hemp beeswax food wraps. A fire starter that burns for 15 minutes or more and is environmentally safe. No harmful chemicals or vapour.  Great for home fire places and camping trips. Makes starting a fire easy!

BURN TIME Our STACK STICKS burn for more than 15 minutes per stick. Quicker than many traditional supermarket fire starters.

SUSTAINABLY MADE and ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY as you’re only burning our raw hemp, organic beeswax, jojoba oil and tree resin. Besides being non toxic the leftover ash is a natural fertilizer for the earth.

USE THEM ANYWHERE Great for home fireplaces and ideal for camping trips as the compact light-weight packaging is perfect for backpacks.  They can be stored indoors or out and even by food.


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